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Hello everyone and welcome to the video. Today we are going to talk about the birth of the Daytona myth. How was the myth of Daytona born? Admittedly, we sometimes see a left field curveball - remember the year the first rainbow Daytona was released? Love it or hate it, no one can argue with the technical elements of the gem-setting or its huge impact on the sports replica watch market. But it wasn't the first time that Rolex took the watch world by surprise and launched the Daytona, which would become one of the most sought-after watches replica on the planet. In 1988, Rolex shared a watch that would shape the future of the brand and create an unparalleled niche for collectors. The replica Rolex Zenith Daytona model 16520 was indeed a game-changer.

16520 Rolex Daytona Mens Steel

A Quartz Movement

It owes its creation to the Daytona 16520 Rolex Zenithdì movement. But before talking about this amazing watch, we need to take a step back and talk about the two models that preceded the 16520, namely the 6265 and the 6263. These two watches replica were born in the mid-1970s, when the dominant market was the Asians who presented the first quartz replica watch on the market, equipped with a sapphire crystal, a square, and a beautiful case. This watch was the complete opposite of what the market demanded, in fact, it still had plexiglass, a large convex case, and a manual winding movement. Therefore, it was a complete failure and no one wanted these watches. Due to the fact that no one wanted them, only 12,000 pieces were produced in 17 years of production. In 17 years, 12,000 watches worldwide mean about 700 watches per year. Now, I will explain these two amazing watches replica . Let's start with 6265: this is "sigma" 6265. "Sigma" refers to the two letters near "T-Swiss". It refers to the fact that these indices are made of white gold for the first time. Look at the watch. As I said earlier, its round plexiglass is very thick, which makes the watch even more attractive than the classic sapphire glasses. This watch predates the famous Big Red, which was produced after the "Sigma T-Swiss".

Now I will show you the 6263. 6265 and 6263 both have the same "Sigma" dial and are practically identical. The only difference is that the 6265 has a steel bezel, while the 6263 has a bakelite bezel, i.e. not bakelite but a black plastic insert. Here you are with the " Sigma " 6263. looking at this wonderful watch with the documents of the time. This is a very rare watch because even if everyone likes the Big Red, and especially the "Sigma" watch, the Big Red was produced for a longer period of time than the "Sigma" watch. Now, I would like to discuss the main subject of the video: the 16520. 16520 was born in 1988 and was produced until 2001. Rolex expects flops such as the 6265 and 6263, or in any case, watches that are not in demand, but for the first time in the history of the market, Rolex has the right replica watch at the right time. The 16520 is called " Zenith " because it is equipped with a 400 times Zenith movement, modified more than 200 times to meet the Rolex standard. So, what did Rolex do? It purchased the best industrial movement of its time, the " Zenith " 400 calibers " El Primero ", which was used in all Swiss brands that needed it, in addition to the first watches replica. Thus, Rolex was not at all prepared for his success when he recommended this watch. The " Zenith " was the first watch with sapphire glass and self-winding movement, and for the first time, it was made in steel and gold (the 6265 and 6263 were only available in steel or solid gold). The replica Rolex Daytona Zenith is the first 16523 Daytona Cosmograph in both steel and gold tones. It will now also be explained to you.

Daytona 16520

So what exactly is the Daytona 16520? Why did it bring all this fame to Rolex? As previously stated, there were very long lines for the right watch at the right time, and this is the first replica Rolex Daytona 16520 watches that were out of stock, and it took six years to even get one. But why these long waiting lines? Because the 6263 and 6265 (and all the hand-wound replica watches produced to date) are "too distant" watches (as my father and I defined them) with tastes similar to those of today. In fact, thanks to the "Zenith" line, the collection has now proliferated and we look back and obviously love these watches. So the 16520 is the main watch, which started the myth. Now, I will show you all these amazing watches. Two years after 1988, Rolex also came up with the gold head and bracelet models. Here, for example, we have a white Sodalite Brilli dial in white gold. The watch went into production two years later in 1990. We can find gold or gold clapper versions, white or yellow. The year of production of the 16520 ranges from 1988 to 2001. The funny thing about this watch is that in 1988, Rolex (Rolex) produced 9,999,999 pieces and instead of adding extra numbers, it changed the way it uses letter numbering. But instead of starting with the letter "A" (the first letter of the letter "h"), it started with the first letter of its name, "R" (the letter). During these 13 years of production, many aspects have changed. For example, the first marker has a porcelain dial called "Floating", which means that there are five characters on the dial, while the last one is separate. I have only shown you these replica watches because I have the first marker in the safe, but I assure you that I will make another video to show you the ceramic dials in steel and gold.

Collector's Value

Anyway, the first replica Rolex Daytona 16520 marker is upside down with a " 6 " and I tell you what I mean: it is a " serial number " 16520, so the last serial has a sunken " 6". Please give me some. I have to move my hands to show you the meaning of "upside down 6" very well. If you notice the compound axis below, it is 12; centered on a 3 and a 6 and a 9; so the result of 6 is reversed. Now, I show you another 16520 A series watch, 3 years after the last one. This time the 6 is flat and straight. The bracelet is SAL: it indicates Solid and Link. The A-series and the P series have all the upgrades of the 16520 in all periods. This watch was made in 1999/2000. Now we will look, as I did, at the watches made in 1996. These replica watches are highly collectible because they belong to the group of watches that were just introduced. In the year 2000, this could be considered a mistake. They became sticky because Rolex used an organic coating that would have oxidized if not strictly isolated. The laminate is made of silver and oxygen changes its color and paints it brown. This is called Patrizzi. look at the condition of this watch, it's beautiful. Now, I show you another type of od, more radical. You need to know that each add-on is different. It does not exist the same watch with the same logo. Look at the brown color of this W series from 1996 and compare it to the brown color of this T series from 1997 and you will see that the color is different, which is a benefit for us. My father and I call this watch a "crash" because the combination of the watch on the wrist and the sun distract from the phone. Each watch is in this new state, such as the A series, which has the original box and paper parts 6265. Today is the last Daytona 16520, which is the U series from 1998. It was purchased from the first owner and has never been worn. Depending on the condition, it has no odd airlines. It is perfect. I hope all these Daytona 16520 replica watches are appreciated and of interest to you. Thank you for coming with me.

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