Those making use of the Barrow and its surroundings are encouraged to embrace the 'leave no trace principles' of:


1. Plan ahead and prepare

2. Be considerate of others

3. Respect farm animals and wildlife

4. Travel and camp on durable ground

5. Leave what you find

6. Dispose of waste properly

7. Minimise the affects of fire

The River Barrow has a lot to offer visitors and in recent years it has experienced an exciting rejuvenation. There is now a wide range of sporting activities available for the sports enthusiast, while other more relaxing activities are also offered. The Barrow valley plays host to a wide range of recreational events including cycling, hill walking, towpath walking, horse riding, swimming, museums, period houses, gardens, game and coarse fishing.







As well as attracting walkers and cyclist, the Barrow Way is popular with botanists, ecologists and ornithologists who come to study the diverse flora and fauna along the track. Artists and photographers also frequent the Barrow as the tranquil and peaceful surroundings of the river offer beautiful scenery and images.


Many events are held during the year, these include walking festivals, boating regattas and music and art festivals.


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