Borris (Irish: An Bhuiríos) is a village near the River Barrow in County Carlow, Ireland.


Borris is a picturesque rural village with splendid views of Mount Leinster and the Barrow valley. While the River barrow does not flow directly through the down, a small subsidiary known as Mountain River joins the river.


Boris House is located centrally in the village on a large estate and is the ancestral home of the MacMurrough Kavanaghs. The family were former Irish Kings of Leinster and were instrumental to the development of the town.

Today, the family still reside at the house and cater for weddings and events such as literature festivals and country fairs.


Borris Viaduct

Borris is also the location of a sixteen-arch limestone viaduct which was built around 1860 as part of the old Bagenalstown and Palace East Railway infrastructure. The bridge was designed by William le Fanu.


The local community has completed work to return the viaduct to a sustainable condition and make use of it as a public walkway and amenity. From the viaduct, there are panoramic views of Mount Leinster and the Mountain River. The viaduct is accessed through the local school and up a steep embankment. Further plans are being developed to enhance the attraction.


A track distance marker from the old railway line
Borris viaduct has been restored and is now a walking attraction offering panoramic views
The viaduct constructed around 1860 has 16 limestone arches

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